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Digital Trunked PMR Network of Guangdong Provincial Public Security Department
According to the requirements of "National Public Security Equipment Construction "12th Five-Year Plan" "Key Project Construction Task Book" of the Ministry of Public Security, the 350M PDT system has been included in the key construction projects of the “12th Five-Year Plan”.

At present, the Guangdong Provincial Public Security 350M radio dispatch system is with multi-standard (analog, TETRA and PDT), multi-carrier bandwidth (25KHz, 12.5KHz), multi-frequency using mode (changing frequency across base stations, no frequency changing across base stations) (synchronous broadcast)). More than 200 public security radio dispatching networks have been built. Except for the PDT system, other systems are difficult to be effectively interconnected. In addition, the previous 350M TETRA digital trunked systems in some cities of Guangdong Province are still in the normal using cycle. They will not be replaced by the PDT system in a short period of time. The networks of two standards will coexist for a long time. How to develop the PDT system and fully utilize the existing TETRA system to protect investment and reduce resource waste has presented a new challenge to the construction of the radio dispatch system of provincial public security department.

The project consists of digital exchange center, network management system, dispatching system, PDT interconnection system, TETRA interconnection system, analog-to-digital interconnection system, 350M frequency interference monitoring, early warning access and optimization platform. Eastcomrealized the PDT system interconnection of different equipment manufacturers (Eastcom, Hytera, Guangzhou Victel, Haige Hightone, etc.) of Guangdong Public Security System by using PDT Internet Gateway,realized TETRA system interconnection with different vendors and different frequency points by using the patented TETRA intelligent internet gateway, and realized the voice interconnection of PDT system, TETRA system and analog trunking system, and analog simulcast system by using analog-digital interconnected gateway to solve the worries of the majority of public security users' cross-system communication, and provides a strong guarantee for the long-term stable operation and use of the entire public security radio dispatching system. The Guangdong Public Security Radio Dispatching and Commanding System has moved from the original analog era to the digital era.

Customer Value

Eastcom unifies the communication platform through building the province's police PMR system in the provincial Public Security Bureau level, realizes the interconnection between different equipment manufacturers, different technical standards and different frequency points of the Guangdong public security radio private network on the basis of not changing or making less change to the original police radio system, and solves the scheduling and communication interconnection problems between different standard (analog, PDT and TETRA) radio trunked systems, and the interconnection between mainstream manufacturers' PDT systems. It provides a strong guarantee for the long-term evolution and cross-system actual use of the public security radio dispatching system in Guangdong Province.
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