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Hangzhou Digital Trunked PMR Network for Government (Public Security)
With the rapid development of Hangzhou's economy, the pressures on daily management, public safety management, emergency rescue and disaster recovery, anti-terrorism and other emergency communication needs are increasing due to the expanded city scale, the rapid construction of expressways and urban rail transportation, the advancement of rural urbanization, and the increase in personnel mobility, and the demand for radio command and dispatching communication is increasing and improving. The original analog radio communication network of Hangzhou Public Security and other government departments is restricted by the technical system and original equipment in terms of frequency utilization, communication anti-interference, secure and confidential communication, and data service applications, and has lagged behind the development level of government informatization and cannot meet the needs of modern urban development.
According to the requirements of the National 12th Five-Year Plan for Public Security Equipment Construction and the Construction Plan of 350M PDT Communication Command Network for Zhejiang Public Security Department, it is imperative to upgrade the original 800M TETRA digital trunked government private network and public security analog radio communication system in Hangzhou so as to meet the needs of the city's public security organs and government emergency management departments in daily social management, service security, security guards, handling major emergencies, responding to natural disasters, and holding large-scale important activities (such as G20) for radio communications.


Taking the technical standards and normative documents related to PDT communication of the Ministry of Public Security and the Provincial Public Security Department as the standard, based on the "Overall Planning and Construction Plan for the 350M PDT Communication System of the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau", adopt the government emergency linkage network mode of "public security management, emergency sharing, and combination of peacetime and warfare", and follow the principle of “unified planning and intensive construction” to convert the original government private radio network based on the 800M TETRA technology system into a 350M PDT technical system private government (public security) network.
Hangzhou Digital PrivateTrunked Radio Government (Public Security) Network has constructed: disaster-recovery 1+1 backup carrier-class super-capacity exchange center, wireless base station, repeater, vehicle and individual positioning command and dispatching system, network-wide recording system, PGIS system docking platform, SMS center and mobile station, fixed station, and various communication terminals such as handset. Using VPN virtual network technology to enable the public security, traffic police, fire fighting, 120 emergency, government emergency and other departments to be isolated from each other during normal time, and coordinate closely in case of emergency, so as to achieve one network above and below the ground. The radio signal covers the entire city area of Hangzhou, expressway, National road, provincial road, etc. In addition to the construction of the 1+1 remote disaster recovery hot standby dual center, and the dual-link coverage of the important sites and security routes, the main modules of the exchange center and the base station all have hot backup to ensure that the radio communication of important security sites and routes is absolutely smooth and safe.

Customer Value

The unified planning, and intensive and concentrated construction of Hangzhou City Digital Private Trunked Radio Government (Public Security) Network help avoid the problems of the original analog trunking private communication network being independent, not interconnection, and repetitive construction. The completed radio government (public security) private network currently has more than 20,000 PDT users, covering public security, traffic police, fire fighting, border defense, health emergency, government emergency and other departments, to achieve "intensive construction, resource sharing, intelligent interaction, collaborative services in both peace time and war time", and effectively improve the ability of the public security organs of Hangzhou and the government's emergency management departments to ensure urban public safety, emergency response, and large-scale important events (such as the G20 before and later the Asian Games), which plays an important role in maintaining urban stability and social stability and promoting the comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable development of Hangzhou's economy and society.
In September 2016, the Hangzhou Digital Private Trunked Radio Government (Public Security) Network successfully escorted the G20 Hangzhou Summit with the excellent achievements of “zero equipment operation failure, zero interruption of communication services, and zero error in command and dispatching”. This is the first large-scale application of China's digital trunking standard PDT for the highest security level, creating a history of domestic digital trunking product technology.
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