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Shenyang City Public Security Bureau 350M Digital Trunked PMR System
The 12th National Games in 2013 was held in Liaoning Province. This National Games are the first comprehensive sports event with the largest scale and highest specification after the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. The scale of the event was large, involving many competition areas with long duration. The Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau, which was responsible for the security of the main venue of the National Games, completely solved the problems (serious equipment aging, low frequency utilization, poor communication anti-interference ability, insufficient communication security, no data service application, multi-network coexistence, etc.) of original police analog radio system in Shenyang (the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Public Security used 350M analog radio system, the traffic police used 450M analog conventional radio system, Firefighting used 800M analog conventional communication system) in actual police work, and well prepared for the security communication security work of the Shenyang Division of the 12th National Games. The Shenyang Public Security Bureau started the digital transformation of the public security radio network in May 2011.


The Shenyang City Public Security Bureau's 350M digital Trunked PMR system is the first in the industry to use the TETRA digital Trunked PMR system independently developed by Eastcoms. Based on network design principles such as advancement, reliability, security, economy, scalability, and maintainability, the project has built: 1+1 disaster-recovery backup carrier-class super-capacity exchange center, wireless base station, repeater, vehicle and individual positioning command and dispatching system, network-wide recording system, police data query system, service management assistant decision-making system and vehicle-carried station, fixed station, handsets, and other communication terminals. The public security, traffic police, fire fighting, 120 first aid, financial escort five networks are combined through the VPN virtual network technology to realize one network above and below the ground. In addition to building a 1+1 remote disaster recovery hot standby double center, the important venues and security routes have dual base station and dual links, and all the exchange center and base station main modules have hot backup. Eastcoms delivered a high-level digital Trunked PMR system that was safe and secure to the Shenyang Public Security Bureau to ensure that the security radio command at the main venue of the 12th National Games was absolutely smooth, safe and reliable.

Customer Value

Shenyang Public Security 350M digital Trunked PMR system network has become a private radio network system of Shenyang public security organs and important government departments, and have been successfully applied in the city's major activities such as security, patrol blocking, case detection, traffic management, fire fighting and rescue, health first aid, anti-terrorism and other aspects, played an important role in the security work of the 18th and 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the security defense of the important “two conferences”, and maintaining stability on “September 18th”. The city's public security, traffic police, fire fighting, and emergency departments responded very well to the system, and the analog-to-digital conversion achieved a smooth transition.
In September 2013, the Shenyang Municipal Public Security 350M digital Trunked PMR system perfectly guaranteed the smooth running of the 12th National Games with the excellent results of “zero failure, zero interruption, zero complaint”.
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