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Zhuhai Wireless Digital Trunked Dispatching System
The Zhuhai Emergency Command Department is responsible for leading, coordinating and commanding other functional departments, dispatching a variety of resources to deal with sudden disasters, and providing relief services and handling emergencies to the citizens. In the urban emergency command system, radio communication is a vital technical means, which directly relates to the unified command and dispatching ability, coordination ability and rapid response ability of the emergency department of the municipal government. At present, the frequency of emergencies and disasters caused by various natural and man-made factors is increasing, the destruction degree is also increasing, bringing tremendous impact and loss to human production and life. So the ability to deal with major emergencies is an important symbol of the degree of urban modernization, internationalization and informatization. The emergency departments of Zhuhai such as Public Security, Forest Fire Prevention, Medical Emergency Response, “Three Defense” Offices, Civil Defense Offices, Power Supply, Water Supply, Gas Supply, etc. urgently need a large-scale, high-performance and fully functional private mobile communication dispatching common network to realize the unified command and dispatching of various emergency resources. At present, some emergency units in Zhuhai do not have special communication tools, and some use backward communication tools, which are difficult to meet the needs of the new situation. If Zhuhai constructs an efficient digital trunked radio network, it will greatly improve the government's emergency command ability.


According to the emergency command needs of Zhuhai Municipal Government, a set of radio system with TETRA and PDT hybrid network has been built, covering Zhuhai urban area, main security sites, islands, and highways, and organically integrating the 800 Mega TETRA digital Trunked PMR system and 350 Mega PDT police digital Trunked PMR system. The system builds a carrier-level large capacity exchange center with !+1 disaster recovery backup, TETRA base station, PDT base station, cable dispatching station, repeater, indoor distribution system and so on, and also integrates with the existing 110 command and dispatching system of Zhuhai Public Security Bureau, the PGIS police geographic information system, the police information inquiry platform, the police short message platform, the security video surveillance system and other public security application systems. In addition, the operation and maintenance support platform of Zhuhai wireless digital trunked command and dispatching system has been specially customized and developed, which greatly facilitates the operation and maintenance of the network and keeps the quality of network operation at a high level.

Customer Value

The Zhuhai wireless digital trunked command and dispatching system completed and put into use in 2014 has become a private radio system for Zhuhai public security organs and government emergency management departments to conduct daily social management, deal with public emergencies, rescue and disaster relief, health first aid, safeguard major activities, etc., and is the central nervous system of Zhuhai Municipal Government for commanding, dispatching and rapid response.; Through the organic integration with the existing 110 command and dispatching system, PGIS police geographic information system, police information query platform, police short message platform, security video surveillance system and other public security application systems of Zhuhai Public Security Bureau, effectively improves the work efficiency and response ability of Zhuhai emergency command activities, and helps Zhuhai gradually become a modern, internationalized and informationized city.
Since it was put into use in October 2014, the system has successfully served the celebration of the fifteenth anniversary of Macao's return, the successive Zhuhai International Air Shows and the official opening ceremony of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, in 2017 and 2018, it played an extremely important role in the rescue and disaster relief work against the super typhoon "Tiange" and "Mangosteen".
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