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Dalian Prison Digital Radio Communication System
The prison management is an important part of China's public security management. The development of prison law enforcement is directly related to social stability and the long-term stability of the country. With the implementation of the strategy of "strengthening police by science and technology and safe prison" in prisons throughout the country, the Party Central Committee and the State Council require prisons throughout the country to take the task of ensuring prison security and stability as their primary responsibility in order to maintain social security and stability. Safe and reliable radio system is an important part of prison information system, which is good to improving the efficiency of police services.
As an important technical means of prison management, for the radio system, at present, most of the radio systems used in prisons in China are analog conventional communication systems or virtual networks based on public mobile communication networks. Among them, the analog conventional communication systems have some problems in the actual police work, such as serious equipment aging, low frequency utilization, poor anti-jamming ability, insufficient communication security, no data service application and so on. The virtual network communication based on public network can only guarantee the daily voice communication function, and can not meet the sudden and efficient emergency command and dispatching needs in prison department. Therefore, the current prison management communication means has lagged behind the development level of prison informatization, and can not fully meet the needs of daily prison management and emergency communication security under the new situation.


For the radio communication needs of Dalian prison, such as full call, group call, individual call, call priority, emergency call, strong insertion and disassembly, dynamic reorganization and video linkage, etc., Eastcoms selects PDT as the Technical System of Dalian Prison Radio Communication System.

The newly built 350M PDT digital trunked system is equipped with switching control center, base station, whole network recording system, dispatching station and hundreds of PDT terminals, supporting 11 groups of calls at the same time to ensure that 11 prison districts in Dalian Prison can establish dialog at the same time without affecting each other. The prison dispatching command center can also dynamically reorganize the existing grouping situation through dispatching station, and all the PDT handsets configured support the function of alarming upon falling on ground, which satisfies the wireless command and communication needs of prison guards in their daily work and handling emergencies.

Customer Value

The newly built 350M PDT digital trunked system has clear voice and reliable communication, which ensures that 11 prison districts in Dalian Prison can communicate at the same time without affecting each other. At the same time, hundreds of PDT handsets support the function of alarming upon falling on ground, which can send the alarm information when a prison guard falls to the ground (e.g. being attacked) to the prison command center at the first time, so that the alarm information can be quickly responded to and disposed of at the first time to ensure the personal safety of prison guards, providing a safe and reliable means of radio communication for the daily work of prisons in Dalian and for dealing with emergencies.
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