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350M Digital Trunked PMR System of Hohhot Public Security Bureau
As the capital of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, Hohhot has developed rapidly in recent years, both its city scale and personnel flow are increased, so its municipal daily management, public safety management and counter-terrorism emergency communication needs are facing increasing pressure, and the demand for wireless command and dispatching communication is increasing. The original analog radio network of Public Security Department of Hohhot City is restricted by technical system and existing equipment in frequency utilization, communication anti-jamming, secure communication and data service application, so it has lagged behind the development level of public security informatization and can not meet the needs of the development of modern police work.
According to the "12th Five-Year Plan of National Public Security Equipment Construction" and the requirement of 350M (PDT) wireless digital Trunked PMR network construction of Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau, it is imperative to upgrade and transform the original public security analog radio system in Hohhot in order to meet the needs of the city's public security organs for the application of radio communication in daily service, traffic management, anti-terrorism, emergency and disaster relief, and security of major activities (such as the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the autonomous region).


Beginning in 2013, Eastcom digitized the analog trunked system of Hohhot Public Security Bureau to transform all the original analog base stations into analog compatible base stations. It has constructed "Safe Capital" Project in 2016 in cooperation with the No.1 institute of Ministry of Public Security, and had built a total of 34 PDT digital trunked base stations, covering key areas and roads in the city, and equipped with more than 5000 PDT terminals. It has set up an exchange center in the communication room of Huhhot Public Security Bureau, realizing the interconnection with the existing PDT digital trunked system of district halls and allied cities, and realizing the "one network" of PDT in the whole district, and has set up network management, standard dispatching desk, GIS dispatching desk, whole network recording and other application business platforms in Municipal Bureau command center. At the same time, it realized the deep integration of PDT system and LTE broadband trunked system, the hybrid grouping and zero difference of broad band and narrow band terminal network through PSIP protocol. While guaranteeing low-latency voice communication, it also realized the interconnection of short message and GIS. PDT and LTE adopt uniform numbering rules to ensure user experience and improve operational efficiency.

Customer Value

Hohhot Public Security PDT Digital Trunked System and Hohhot Public Security Command System are interconnected to realize wireless command and dispatching of Municipal Bureau Command Center on practical police combat platform, give full play to the advantages of PDT digital trunked satellite positioning, short message, status information, packet data and other functions, and provide data interface for police geographic information (PGIS), three-in-one command and dispatch, police inquiry and other service systems to achieve cross-system information transfer and accelerate police disposal efficiency, and to make the PDT digital trunked application satisfy the needs of daily service, traffic management, anti-terrorism, disaster recovery and security of major activities. The deep integration of PDT system and LTE system is realized, more than 5000 PDT users and 1000 LTE users adopt uniform numbering rules, mixed grouping, and zero difference in network experience, while guaranteeing low-latency voice communication, the interconnection of short message and GIS is also realized to improve the efficiency of cooperative operation of broad-band and narrow-band trunked users.
On the 70th Anniversary of the Establishment of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region in 2017, Hohhot is the main venue. PDT + LTE broadband and narrowband integrated Trunked PMR system strongly supports the communication guarantee for city security and ensures the success of celebrating activities.
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