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TETRA+LTE Dispatching System of a National Institution Command Center
The institute has a maximum flow of 160,000 people a day. However, the institute can only accommodate hundreds of people, which requires queuing in an orderly manner, without stopping in the middle. During the peak time, queues can reach 3 kilometers, requiring all managers of the organization to devote themselves to maintaining order to prevent all possible situations such as disturbances and trampling. Therefore, an integrated command and dispatching system based on audio and video fusion is needed to understand the queuing situation in real time, and the management personnel can be timely dispatched at any time. Through this integrated command and dispatching platform, real-time monitoring, real-time control and real-time dispatch of all managers are realized.


In order to meet the requirement of the unified integrated command and dispatching function of the institute, Eastcom provides a TETRA+LTE integrated command and dispatching platform, the dispatching platform covers trunked voice, mobile video and other functions, and can also be integrated with panoramic video system to achieve unified command and scheduling function. A platform is used for command and dispatching management on the touch screen of commander and the large screen of command hall to ensure a good user experience and panoramic video system to achieve all-round, all-weather, three-dimensional monitoring. The commander can communicate with all broad band or narrow band terminals through audio equipment in the command center site. At the same time, the system has the ability of docking with remote video conference interface.

Customer Value

Through the integration of TETRA digital trunked system with LTE broad band trunked system and video surveillance system, realizes the collection of field information, video, audio and data information, and displays them on the operation desk and large screen of the command hall in the visualization form. User management can grasp the dynamic situation of regional disposal power in real time to effectively command and dispatch all disposal forces to solve the problem of "giving orders" and "reporting information" between command center and front-line personnel, which effectively safeguards the normal operation of the organization, especially greatly enhances the emergency capacity to prevent and deal with sudden public events.
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