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Private Radio System for Hangzhou-Lin’an Intercity Railway
The line of Hangzhou-Lin’an intercity railway project is about 35.12 km long, of which the underground line is about 20.34 km. There are 12 stations, including 8 underground stations. The length of the line in Lin’an City is 20.72 km, with 6 stations (4 underground stations). The length of the line in Yuhang District is 14.4 km with six stations (four underground stations). There is a transfer station (Lvting Road Station), which can transfer from Shuangdao Sitong Station of Hangzhou Metro Line 3 to Hangzhou Metro Line 5 vertically. A set of 800M band private radio system needs to be built for Hangzhou-Lin’an Intercity Railway, and the wireless signal covers such areas as traffic section, platform, depot, etc. to realize the dispatcher's wireless dispatching and command of vehicles and personnel to ensure normal operation and emergency communication.


The private radio system of Hangzhou-Lin’an intercity railway uses 800M eTRA digital trunked equipment developed by Eastcom and conforms to TETRA standard. The solution consists of 1+1 disaster recovery backup exchange center, authentication center, TETRA intelligent Internet gateway, base station, repeater, vehicle-carried radio, fixed radio, handset and dispatching/network management equipment customized for users. At the same time, the patent technology - TETRA Intelligent Internet Gateway can solve the interconnection problem between Eastcom TETRA system and MOTOROLA TETRA system to realize the interconnection of the inter-city railway from Hangzhou to Lin’an with other lines such as Hangzhou Metro Line 5 and terminal user roaming. This solution not only realizes the basic line dispatching function, but also realizes the interconnection and docking with other subsystems such as signal system, clock system, broadcasting system and so on to ensure the normal operation of Hangzhou-Lin’an Intercity Railway and the emergency response of Metro Company.

Customer Value

The 800M TETRA radio system independently developed by Eastcom provides reliable means of communication for voice and data exchange between fixed users (control center, depot/parking dispatcher, station watchman, etc.) and mobile users (train drivers, disaster recovery personnel, maintenance personnel) operating on Hangzhou-Lin’an intercity railway. At the same time, when abnormal conditions occur in rail transit operation and cable communication failures occur, emergency radio communication means for command such as disaster recovery and rescue and accident handling can also be provided quickly. It breaks the monopoly of the original foreign manufacturers on this product, and realizes the interconnection and unified dispatching operation with the trunked dispatching communication system of former manufacturers.
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