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TETRA Private Radio System of Ulan Bator Railway in Mongolia
Ulan Bator Railway, used to connect Mongolia's north and south, is 1,111 kilometers long. To ensure the safe and reliable operation of the railway, it is necessary to build a private digital radio system covering station platforms, station halls, control center buildings, bridges, roads and so on to provide radio communication means for train control, dispatching and emergency handling.


Eastcom provides eTRA PMR system that conforms to TETRA standard with independent intellectual property rights for the project. The station coverage adopts overlapping coverage of two base stations, that is, each station along the railway line will receive radio signals from two base stations. When all base stations are turned on, the signal intensity of 95% coverage area is greater than - 90 dBm, which ensures that 95% of the track area meets the needs of voice communication, and provides voice and data communication for dispatchers in depots and parking lots, train drivers, station staffs and end users.

This project uses 1 + 1 redundant core network, including exchange center, network management system, dispatching system, recording system and GIS visualization system, providing more than 2500 terminal equipment including vehicle-carried station, fixed station, handset and data transmission equipment. The exchange center is connected to the third party telephone system through a gateway to realize the communication between TETRA radio system and third party telephone system. When the main exchange center fails, the standby exchange center will take over quickly and switch to the main mode to control all base stations. In the train, the data transmission equipment integrates with the signal system, and transfers the train data to the signal system server of the main switch and the control center. This is the first application of TETRA PMR system developed independently by domestic enterprises and with independent intellectual property rights in train operation control and dispatching in foreign railway industry.

Customer Value

By replacing the original analog system and docking with the new signal system, the project effectively improves the radio dispatching and command efficiency of the Ulan-Bator Railway, the overall transport capacity of the railway line and the emergency handling capacity of the railway line.
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