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Qingdao Airport Digital Trunked Dispatching Command System
Qingdao International Airport is located in the north of Qingdao City, about 23 kilometers away from the city center. As one of the twelve main airports in China, Qingdao International Airport has opened more than 160 regular routes to more than 80 domestic cities and more than 20 international (regional) cities, and has undertaken a large number of air passenger and freight transport functions. At the same time, the original intercom system has the drawbacks of limited function, gradually aging, high failure rate, and is increasingly unable to meet the needs of airport command and dispatch. In order to solve this problem, Qingdao Airport has decided to build an 800M TETRA digital trunked PMR system after many scientific investigations and field tests, combined with the actual situation of the company's safe production.


The TETRA digital trunked system is adopted in the radio system of Qingdao International Airport. The system consists of exchange center, base station, network management, dispatching station, integrated service gateway, whole network recording system, mobile terminal and room subsystem. According to the communication requirements of airport users, the wireless signal covers the area with the terminal building as the center and the radius of 5 km, so as to ensure the smooth radio communication in the terminal building and the airport. This system not only has basic trunked functions such as group call, priority call, emergency call, etc., but also provides users with powerful dispatching function and full-network recording function, and provides a space-time three-dimensional command and communication dispatching platform for Qingdao International Airport, which fully supports the safe, efficient and sustainable operation of the airport. This is the first application of domestic TETRA system in China's civil airports, breaking the monopoly of foreign digital trunked equipment in China's civil airport market.

Customer Value

Through the digital trunked PMR system, Qingdao Airport departments and airlines have constructed a multi-department, multi-level, all-round integrated radio communication command and dispatching platform. Airport departments and airlines can maintain independence and non-interference when using their usual dispatching functions. In case of emergency, they can be dispatched and commanded by airport in unified mode, combining activities in both peacetime and wartime, effectively improving the efficiency of wireless dispatching command of Qingdao airport and airlines, ensuring the safe and orderly operation of Qingdao airport.
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