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Eastcom and Beijing Jiaotong University Announce to Jointly Build “Trunking Mobile Communication Laboratory”




Railways are "major artery" to support China high-speed economic development, which grow fast. Radio trunking communication system provide key functions to secure auto train dispatch, traveling dispatch, parking yard dispatch, environment control dispatch, maintain dispatch, etc. Recently, the jointly construction of “Trunking Mobile Communication Laboratory” between Eastcom and Beijing Jiaotong University is a related cooperation in multi-areas, such as intercity railway, regional railway, city integration traffic hub, etc.


Eastcom is the first domestic company that fully R&D on TETRA digital equipment by its own. The ”eTRA digital trunking system” solution is successful commercial used in public security, government, airport, sea port etc. Beijing Jiaotong University possessed strong technology and powerful R&D capability in railway communication area and contributed a lot to development of China railway communication industry.


This cooperation will provide new contributions to China railway dispatching communication system through advantages complementary, resource sharing and joint development.