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Eastcom Network Guarantees Communications Security of 1st CIIE




The 1st China International Import Expo was held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10, with the participation of more than 2800 enterprises from over 130 countries and regions, among which over 200 were the world’s top 500 companies and industry leaders.
As the main exhibition hall of the expo, INTEX Shanghai was the top priority of security assurance. The Shanghai Pudong International Airport, the Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, the Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station and other transportation hubs were also the key areas guaranteed. In addition to providing a Class A guarantee for CDMA 11 micro cells, 4 macro cells, and hundreds of various communication facilities located in INTEX Shanghai, Eastcom was responsible for checking problems like disturbing influence, GPS and ground noise, and optimizing the network in a real-time manner. As for some burst interference sources, onsite engineers needed to immediately install custom GPS shielding cans and use systematic optimization means to ensure users’ communications security.
The 800M cluster network security team was in charge of wireless cluster networks in the exhibition halls, and the inspection and commissioning for emergency communication vehicles and computer room equipment to ensure stable performance and normal operation of each facility on site. What’s more, to ensure signal availability in key areas, technical staff were arranged to patrol the halls and report indicator data every half an hour.
For some sudden requests during the event, such as emergency aid and security service spot adding, the security team must respond immediately to make sure that there is “zero fault” in command and dispatching systems.
At the same time of the expo, as an excellent service provider of China Tower Shanghai Branch, Eastcom was also taking care of 49 base stations in Jing’an District, 32 base stations surrounding Xijiao State Guest Hotel, and over 400 communication routes in the districts of Zhabei, Hongkou, and Yangpu.

To deliver timely services, Eastcom prepared 8 emergency vehicles, 10 diesel generator locomotives and generators to cope with accidents. In addition, to increase efficiency, engineers were arranged in core areas to provide round-the-clock services so that they could arrive at the site within 15 minutes in case of emergency.