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Eastcom Assists in Security of 14th FINA World Swimming Championships (25m)




With the advent of the first snow fall of the year, the 14th FINA World Swimming Championships was opened as scheduled in Hangzhou City, China. The Champions is one of the highest swimming games in the world, and the 14th session is the most professional international competition Hangzhou has hosted. It sets up 46 events to be competed by nearly a thousand athletes from 158 countries and regions within five days. The total number of participants will exceed 2000. The TV relaying will cover over 140 countries and regions with about 1000 hours of broadcasting and reach an estimated 255 million times of viewing by foreign audience.
To ensure that the games go smoothly, the Public Security of Hangzhou City deploys massive police forces. With the support of 350M policing digital trunking system (PDT) and the help of multiple communication means, their ability to quickly deploy and respond has been largely elevated.

Since the G20 Hangzhou Summit, the city’s PDT system has developed into a rather large scale. Currently, the system has, in total, 226 registered base stations, 682 carriers, 20398 registered users, 406 registered call groups, average 5000 online users per day, and around 60000 times of PPT per day on average. Only a handful of PDT systems across the country have reached such a large scale. This year, senior officials of the Municipality decided to expand the PDT system by adding a set of POC public network trunking intercom system that interconnects with the PDT system so as to establish a set of voice-video-integrated command and dispatching system. This dramatically extends the coverage of PDT and enriches application scenarios of digital trunking systems.