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In the case when the switch interface in analog system is not available, MAGW-A can realize the intercommunication between eTRA system and different types of analog trunking/conventional analog systems.
  • 模拟系统互通网关
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Ø  Realize interconnecting between eTRA system and existing analog/digital systems

Ø  MAGW-A connect to switch center via Ethernet/E1

Ø  Support online, remote upgrades and debugging

Ø  Support group call between analog and digital users

Ø  Short call delay, high voice quality

Ø  Group call intercommunication between digital and analog/conventional users

Ø  Support call party ID and later entry in group call.




Number of group calls

Concurrent support of one group call

 Call setup time


 Voice delay


 Working power

200~240VAC 50/60Hz Or 12~15VDC

 Overall power consumption


 Environmental conditions

 -20 ~ 55


 440W x 88.1H x 288Dmm



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