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eTRA MAGW-D realizes the intercommunication between eTRA system and other digital trunking systems. It connects to the digital trunking switching center via IP or E1, and supports frame relay protocol, and provides short calling time delay and high v
  • 数字系统互通网关
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Ø  MAGW-D gateway can realize interconnecting between eTRA system and existing analog/digital systems.

Ø  MAGW-D connect to switch center via Ethernet/E1

Ø  Support online, remote upgrades and debugging

Ø  Support group call of digital-digital users

Ø  Short call delay, high voice quality

Ø  Realize intercommunication with other digital trunking system, support group call

Ø  Realize communication with switch center via IP/E1

Ø  Realize voice format conversion



Number of group calls

 Concurrent support of one group call

Call setup time


Voice delay


Working power

 AC power supply176~265V   47~63Hz

 DC power supply11.6~15.6V(standard value 13.6V)

Overall power consumption


Environmental conditions

 Operating Temperature-20 ~ 55℃;


 445Wx 88Hx 287Dmm



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