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IPS60 realizes intercommunication between eTRA system and PSTN/PABX, 3G/NGN, PDT and LTE system, supports multiple interface protocols.
  • IPS60综合业务网关
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Ø  Support access of PSTN, PABX, 3G, PDT and LTE etc.

Ø  Support various protocols, such as Q931, No.1, No.7, SIP etc

Ø  Carrier-class reliability, with long-term using experience fron 300 million users

Ø  Support E1/IP interface

1      Protocol processing

Support processing of standard protocols, and customization of nonstandard protocols.

2      Call control

Realize functions like number analysis, router selection, switch network etc.

3      Special resources services

Include voice resources, multimedia resources and conference resources.

1) Support DTMF, secondary dialing

2) Signal tone generation: support dynamic play of standard signal tone (busy/back tone), support secondary dialing

3) Play voice message

4) Voice synthesis

5) Voice feedback

6) Voice inbox

7) Teleconference

8) supplementary services: calling number display, calling line identification restriction, fixed network short message transimission.



Relay Port Number

Max.20 E1

Special Resources Number

1024 Channels

Max. BHCA Value



177(H)×482.6(W)×520(D)include E1 transfer



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