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Rail Traffic


  • Communication systems of rail traffic require high reliability and stability;
  • Network based lines, diversified business modes, roaming among different lines is required;
  • BS network should run well without GPS/Beidou clock;
  • Applications are integrated by the third party, difficult to meet custom requirements;
  • Major vendors occupied most global markets, they have poor compatibility, high price, high operation/maintenance cost and poor after-sales response.
  • eTRA Communication Solution-Rail Traffic


  • High reliability and stability, key parts hot standby, seamless switching, support disaster Recovery, min 30s;
  • Switching center supports up to 200 BS, multiple lines can share resources, and standby for each other;
  • Perfect dispatching capacity, fully meet different dispatching requirements like traffic, maintenance etc;
  • Realize end users cross area seamless switch without GPS/Beidou clock;
  • Factory original customized businesses like dispatching, network management, recording etc, meet customer requirements better;
  • Provide complete API interface for third-party system integration development;
  • Localized technical support, fast after-sales response, low maintenance cost, improve operation efficiency.
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