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Public Security


  • Security problem is more and more important;
  • Exclusive 350MHz frequency, analog trunking, broadcasting, and conventional systems were constructed in different police depts, and many problems existing;
  • Ministry of Public Security has issued PDT standards, and made the request of finishing transition to PDT standards before 2015;
  • Diversified solutions are required like TETRA, PDT, PDT broadcasting trunking and digital/analog mixed systems;
  • 3-in-1 platform, pGIS, video surveillance, image transmission system, and satellite van need to be integrated to digital trunking system;
  • Require combination of multi-level architecture and flat-designed dispatching
  • Features

  • Two levels network architectures, three hierarchical dispatching;
  • Support BS accessing of TETRA, analog, and LTE in switch center, realize interconnecting with police exiting analog trunking, analog conventional, broadcasting trunking etc;
  • Upgrade analog BS to digital/analog compatible model, protecting existing investment;
  • Hardware support TETRA and PDT in digital BS, remote software switch avalible;
  • Support smooth evolution from narrowband to broadband trunking system;
  • Support unified numbering plan, mixed grouping, seamless interconnecting and integrated dispatching of different standards end-users;
  • Support seamless switch and roaming, provide both hierarchical and flattened dispatching;
  • Support integration with different systems (pGIS, alarm/disposal, video surveillance, public network) to realize unified dispatching.
  • High reliability and stability, convenient to use, key parts hot standby, seamless switching;
  • Support switch center disaster recovery, min 30s;
  • Flexible mobile BS deployment, able to connect to switch center through 3G, satellite, microwave and telephone line;
  • World leading outdoor BS, suitable for severe environment, fast deployment, low investment;
  • Optimized design, solve problems of large traffic, channel congestion caused by terminal location information reporting, system performance issues etc;
  • Provide versatile customized businesses like GIS/GPS, PGIS, network recording, WAP data query, police information reporting, management aided decision etc;
  • Provide flexible API interface, support third-party systems integration.
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