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Government Affair


  • Provide services to government dept, utilities, hospitals, emergency units etc;
  • For daily management, independent usage of each dept;
  • Coordinate with other depts through major event and emergencies;
  • Integration of dispatching and background commanding center to realize high efficient dispatching and fast response;
  • Integration of multiple communication ways;
  • Require emergency communication vehicles for temporary expansion and coverage;
  • Construction and operation mode: government investment/operation, government investment/enterprise operation, enterprise investment/government purchase service.
  • Features

  • Up to 8 levels VPN design for each dept, independent operation usually and cooperation when required;
  • Shared network trunking mode, improve frequency utilization and save frequency resources;
  • Support interconnecting with police current analog/digital trunking system to protect existing investment;
  • High reliability and stability, key parts hot standby, seamless switching, support remote disaster Recovery, min 30s;
  • Flexible mobile BS deployment, able to connect to switch center through 3G, satellite, microwave and telephone line;
  • World leading outdoor BS, suitable for severe environment, fast deployment, low investment;
  • Versatile businesses like voice, data, image etc;
  • Support BT, BOT and other investment modes.
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