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Open-pit Mine


  • Real-time, fast and accurate communication service is required for transportation dispatching in opencast mine;
  • The harsh natural environment, severe electromagnetic interference and violent vibration require communication system and terminals with good electromagnetic compatibility and anti-shock capability;
  • Complex terrain, harsh climate and noisy background require self-adapting noise filtering capability to increase voice quality;
  • Fast location is required for personnel and vehicles to keep informed of operation status and real-time dispatching;
  • Integration is required for voice, truck and train dispatching.
  • eTRA Digital Communication Solution-Open-pit Mine


  • Except for TETRA basic functions, interconnection with production dispatching phone is provided to increase working efficiency, and provide fast, real-time and accurate communication service;
  • High reliability and stability, key parts hot standby, seamless switching;
  • IP67 explosion-proof terminals, ensure safe and stable production;
  • Digitalized voice, no distortion under harsh environment, clear and large volume;
  • Provide interface to integrate truck dispatching system and voice communication system;
  • Real-time tracing personnel and vehicle location, to ensure safe and smooth dispatching.

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