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  • The rapid development of the civil aviation industry requires better and more efficient services;
  • Better coordination and faster operation are required among air traffic control, near field communication, airport, airlines, planes and ground service, to improve on-schedule rate;
  • Communications should be isolated among airlines, airport authorities and air traffic control dept to avoid mutual effects;
  • To ensure safety, location surveillance to ground vehicles is required;
  • Voice, short message and data integration to provide better communication methods;
  • System requires to cover both airport ground and buildings, and to ensure emergency communications surrounding airport.
  • Features
  • Realize communication isolation of airport, air traffic control and air lines;
  • Real time location of personnel and vehicles;
  • Big traffic optimization to ensure business is not affected by location information reporting;
  • High reliability design, ensure uninterrupted services.
  • Rapid call setup;
  • User priority management;
  • Powerful integrated data service;
  • Integrated dispatching;
  • Support customized mobile radio.
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